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Villa Olympia outdoor jacuzzi

02 Nov Rendezvous at S&O Villas in 2017

Another fabulous season has come to an end at S&O VILLAS in Corfu. This year we experienced Moments of Luxury and a Passion for Beauty in our quest for excellence in holiday living. We are NOW taking bookings and enquiries for next year, with some clients’ personal...

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As difficult as it may be to pull yourself away from S&O VILLA’s perfect garden grounds and private sparkling swimming pool, there will come a point where you might like to visit some place further afield. Corfu is an incredibly versatile holiday destination in itself but...

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Summer Luxury Moments in Corfu

19 Aug Summer Luxury Moments in Corfu

Staying at S&O Villas puts you straight at the top of summer luxury moments in Corfu. Summer in Corfu is about the infinite blue, where the sea meets the sky surrounded by unique beauty and award-wining lifestyle locations. Enjoy a luxury massage treatment surrounded by the...

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Corfu by Boat

04 Aug Corfu by Boat

There is but one way above all others, to get the best possible sensation of what Corfu, the Emerald Isle of the Mediterranean, is all about. Exploring the coastal waters of Corfu, you will be seduced by another-worldly beauty, where azurine Ionian Blue waters meet emerald green shores. While...

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Villa Sissy Outdoor Area Swimming Pool

12 Jul S&O VILLAS Outstanding Luxury Facilities and Services

S&O Luxury Villas in Corfu feature outstanding private facilities and services. Their blend of high-tech amenities, modern lines and stunning surrounds offer the discerning traveller a unique and memorable Ionian holiday destination. Our beds are made for the perfect sleep, outdoor Jacuzzis for deep relaxation and specialised...

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S&O Villas - A Guide to Beach Bars


Are you perhaps looking for the right Beach Bar? The Beach Bar is a summer holiday landmark and Corfu Island certainly has some of the best to offer. Corfu has had some historic Beach Bars on its record, where people would travel to from far and wide...

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025 - S&O-Villa-Sissy-Outdoor

09 Apr A Cut Above the Rest

WHAT MAKES S&O VILLAS STAND OUT AMONG THE REST? The Ionian island of Corfu in Greece has always been a unique tourism destination, as discerning travellers from all over the world, including royalty and celebrities, have experienced its incredible combination of natural beauty, history and culture. S&O...

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Contemporary Corfu Artists - George Pennas - S&O Villas

19 Feb Contemporary Corfu Artists

S&O VILLAS have a passion for all things beautiful while Corfu is well known throughout history for its prominent and versatile artistic expression. A combination of this synergy inspired us to look at local artists that are still creating and producing art in Corfu today. One could...

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Museums and Galleries in Corfu

11 Feb Museums and Galleries in Corfu

S&O VILLAS are passionate about all things beautiful. We believe Corfu Island is a magnet for beauty, art and culture that visitors can easily find represented in some of the island’s finest public museums and galleries. ACHILLEION PALACE Built by the Empress Elisabeth of Austria in...

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The Best Sunset Spots in Corfu - S&O Villas

05 Feb The Best Sunset Spots in Corfu

The setting sun is a symbol for dreams, romance and idyllic summer holidays. A sunset is also a reminder to live life in the moment for everything, both good and bad, comes to an end. We believe that a luxury summer holiday in Corfu deserves at...

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