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Seafood Dining - S&O Villas

26 Jan Seafood Dining

A guide to the best fresh fish and seafood dining on the island of Corfu. A luxury holiday stay on a Mediterranean island would be almost unimaginable without savouring fresh food from the sea. Many restaurants and traditional tavernas in Corfu serve a dish or two that...

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Scenic Drives - S&O Villas

14 Jan Scenic Drives

Corfu Island is undeniably one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Surrounded by the sapphire crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea and wrapped in over three million olive trees, the island has been endowed with an abundance of natural appeal. The coastline, that...

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S&O Villas - Why we are in love Corfu

07 Jan Why we are in love with Corfu

Once you visit Corfu Island for the first time it is easy to understand why it has one of the highest return holiday rates in Europe. It is not easy to put into words what one feels when one is on this “beautiful spec of an...

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07 Jan What S&O Villas Guests said about their stay

There is no better way to determine what’s real and what’s not than to hear it directly from those that have experienced S&O hospitality first hand.   We have just returned from a very happy ten day holiday staying at Villa Anna with our three daughters and...

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07 Jan Sports you can do in Corfu

When on holiday one can find most loved sports on Corfu Island with some holding prominence over others. Cricket Corfu is the only place cricket has traditionally been played. Initially one could watch a match just in front of all the cafes at the Liston in the...

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Greek Wines for New Years Eve - S and O Villas

29 Dec 5 Greek Wines for New Years Eve

It’s two days to New Year Eve’s celebrations, which are traditionally celebrated with Champagne or good sparkling wine. With many family dinners and lunches with friends over the next 48 hours, a good bottle of wine or two is certainly required.   This is S&O VILLAS’ list of...

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Want to know what to buy when in Corfu?   Corfu has always been known for its rich cultural background in all forms of art.   Music, theatre, painting and sculpture made, created or inspired in Corfu have all been impressively represented in many international forums.   Inspired by nature, our...

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Corfu Island has at least four local varieties of grape and produces large quantities of wine each year most of which remains shared between families and friends. Cultivated on the island are the white Petrokoritho, Moschato Aspro, Robola and Kozanitis and the red Kakotrygis and Mavrodafni. Most...

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Christmas Sweets


Sweets, cakes and puddings go hand in hand, or shall we say belly to belly, with Christmas. Many areas of Greece have their own particular traditions, the recipes for which get passed down from generation to generation. Corfu Island is better known for its sweet and spicy...

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S & O Signed by Tsitsos


S&O Villas are dedicated to luxury style living whilst on holiday in Corfu. Acclaimed Greek architect Dimitris Tsitsos was asked to Corfu in order to design and furnish all five S&O Villas. Dimitris Tsitsos was born and raised in Xanthi, Northern Greece and then went...

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