Living Happily Ever After in Corfu


07 Sep Living Happily Ever After in Corfu


S&O Villas on Corfu Island, Greece appear to have come out of a happy fairy tale dream.

Anna, Daphne, Lilly, Sissy and Olympia are all exquisitely designed villas both inside and out, their gardens are perfectly groomed and their finishing touches are immaculate.

Five waterfront luxury holiday residences close to the UNESCO World Heritage Town of Corfu.

Any one of these uniquely furnished villas is the perfect dream home setting. If you are seeking for the kind of holiday experience where you can live out your very own fairy tale S&O Villas have never left anyone wanting.

“Living happily ever after” is the standard fairy tale ending phrase. But here no one speaking of an ending, rather we are defining a feeling, a fleeting sensation, a way of life.

To expand on the fairytale storyline even further Corfu Island is a much loved holiday destination that has one of the highest return rates in Europe.

Many visitors feel instantly ‘at home’ here whilst others are called back year after year by the island’s irresistible beauty and charm.

These are some possible scenarios for your very own Happily Ever After In Corfu fairytale:

Become the bride that arrives at her wedding by boat across the water accompanied by traditional Corfiot music and song.

Walk barefoot and hand in hand along the golden sand of Halikounas Beach whilst the sun sets right before you.

Dress up in style with your friends and walk the streets of Corfu Town in the evening and be part of the unfolding theatre set.

Meet your dream other half kite surfing across the sapphire blue waters in St George South.

Swim into crystal clear caves and mythical waters on the west coast of Corfu.

Simply enjoy spending quality time with your family in your S&O holiday home whilst we make sure everything is just as you would like it to be in your happily ever after holiday dream.

If you have your very own Happily Ever After In Corfu fairytale to tell please share it with us too!