The Best Sunset Spots in Corfu

The Best Sunset Spots in Corfu - S&O Villas

05 Feb The Best Sunset Spots in Corfu

The setting sun is a symbol for dreams, romance and idyllic summer holidays. A sunset is also a reminder to live life in the moment for everything, both good and bad, comes to an end.

We believe that a luxury summer holiday in Corfu deserves at least one great sunset moment, if not two. It is a sure sign that you have relaxed, let go and possibly seeking new visions and horizons.

A sunset is awesome whether you are with someone or alone. In those last few breathtaking moments of the day it can feel like you become one with everything.

S&O VILLAS have most things a dreamy luxury holiday in Corfu could possibly offer, including sunrise and the hope that comes with a new day.

Corfu’s sunsets, however, are famous and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on an incredibly beautiful gift of nature.

So we’ve put together a few of the best sunset spots in Corfu for your discovery and ultimately pleasure:



This small village runs along the top of a small peninsula between the beaches of Agios Georgios in Paghi and Arillas. Looking out to the Mediterranean sea in a north westerly direction, one feels their spirit soar. A very tempting restaurant also serves local organic food with one of the best views in the world from its private veranda.


Agios Gordis

This sunset beach on the central west coast of Corfu is a popular summer resort that has it all. Beach bars and restaurants, water sports, an intriguing natural landscape and a sunset finale that puts the cherry on the cake. Don’t forget to take your camera whether you choose to watch the show from the beach or the main road leading down to the resort.



This is one of the best golden sand beaches in the south of Corfu that runs parallel to Korission lake. A protected area of natural importance to the local habitat, Chalikounas is the place to walk barefoot in the sand while you watch the sun go down. There is nothing better in the world than a swim while the sun dives into the waters with you.



Most Corfiots appreciate the fact that they can get one of the best sunset views from the very heart of Corfu Town. An evening stroll along the waterfront promenade past the Palace of Saint Michael and George, will lead you along the outer ring road of this UNESCO World Heritage Town. From here one can lose track of time watching the boats come and go into the main port of Corfu while waiting for the sun to set across the illuminated sky.



This traditional village on the west coast of Corfu is probably the closest to Corfu town. Pelekas is known for its lively character and for the 360 degree views from the top of Pelekas hill which is called Keiser’s Throne. A sunset spot for kings and queens for sure with the possibility of a cocktail or two from the top of the world!



The northern most point of Corfu Island offers a sunset spot called the 7th Heaven with a specially built, transparent viewing balcony that protrudes off the end of a cliff! Here the sun melts into the sea beside Erikousa Island.


If you have discovered any other sunset hot spots in Corfu that you feel should be on this list please let us know.


S&O VILLAS are passionate about all things beautiful in Corfu and enjoying the best of what this emerald isle has to offer.