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26 Jan Seafood Dining

A guide to the best fresh fish and seafood dining on the island of Corfu.

A luxury holiday stay on a Mediterranean island would be almost unimaginable without savouring fresh food from the sea.

Many restaurants and traditional tavernas in Corfu serve a dish or two that consists of sea food in some way or form.

Few, however, specialise entirely on expertly cooking fresh fish and well prepared seafood dishes.

As with most things in life you might have to put some effort in getting to some of these places, but we trust that your effort will be well worth it.


Boukari is in fact the name of an area as well as a restaurant on the south east coast of Corfu. It is some 27km from Corfu Town but well worth the freshly made spaghetti and lobster when you get there. A novelty of this waterfront restaurant is that you can arrive by boat and moor on its private jetty. A number of restaurants are in the area so please make sure you get the right one.


An unsophisticated restaurant as you enter Corfu Town in an area called Emborikon. “Grilled or fried fish, shrimp pasta, lobster and crayfish are only an example of what you can taste at Brounos”. Fresh local produce is used for delicious starters, green salads and sea greens which for some, make it the best fresh fish restaurant in Corfu town.



The most recent addition to Corfu’s serious seafood culinary experiences is located at the heart of Corfu’s open air, vegetable and seafood market. Every effort has been made to create a sophisticated eating environment where you can choose your fresh fish on the spot and see it being cooked right before you. Worth a visit!


Petriti is a fishing village just little further south than Boukari, along the relatively unspoilt but certainly beautiful, south east coast of Corfu. In recent years it has developed into Corfu’s largest fishing port with traditional kaiki boats coming and going daily. Limnopoula fresh fish taverna profits from being so close to the source as you literally sit on the water to enjoy a perfectly cooked meal.


One of the oldest traditional sea food restaurants in Corfu, Roulas is in Kontokali and therefore the closest to S&O Villas. All produce is fresh, good olive oil is used and they also make their own bread. Make sure you taste their fish egg taramosalata dip and Bourdeto, a spicy fish dish traditional to Corfu. Ask for tiny prawns from Korission lake in Corfu’s seductive south.

At this point we can only wish you Καλή Όρεξη (Kali Orexi)!

If you would like any assistance with booking a table or advice in making the most out of your experience in Corfu whilst staying at S&O luxury villas, please don’t hesitate to ask us.