S & O Signed by Tsitsos


S&O Villas are dedicated to luxury style living whilst on holiday in Corfu. Acclaimed Greek architect Dimitris Tsitsos was asked to Corfu in order to design and furnish all five S&O Villas.
Dimitris Tsitsos was born and raised in Xanthi, Northern Greece and then went on to study at the School of Architecture in Vienna where he spent the years between 1968 and 1981 living in Austria.

Each S&O Villa has been uniquely decorated with different colour schemes and items of design. Tsitsos who also has a love affair with scenography, painting and sculpture as well as architecture is skilled at envisioning and executing a project in its entirety.

The garden furniture, the bathroom marble tops, even the bedroom cupboard lighting at S&O Villas have been foreseen with meticulous care. Known as an ambience creator Dimitri likes to consider himself a rescuer of old buildings as well as being the signature designer of numerous hotels managed by Hotel Brain.

Each piece of fabric in S&O Villas has been carefully chosen to match every other pattern in the room.
The inside colour of the bed side lamps picks up the pattern at the back of the arm chair which is not the same as the front.

An Architect or a charmer of the form? An Interior Designer or an image maker? All these, or none of the above?
Today Dimitris Tsitsos lives in Thessaloniki and is greatly admired for his trendsetting style and his endless inspiration for contemporary and modern elements.

Staying at S&O Villas in Corfu is an experience that goes beyond a holiday in the sun. The vibrant colours and slique modern lines that have been chosen for Villas Sissy and Olympia are one of Tsitso’s latest interior creations where no limitations where placed. S&O Villas have been loved, created and curated like any great work of art should.

Art, design and style have all been employed to create a vibrant and happy ensemble that is unique to S&O Villas.