When Luxury in life is for free

When luxury in life is for free

21 Aug When Luxury in life is for free

S&O Villas epitomise luxury living on Corfu Island today.

These private holiday residences have been envisioned, designed and created with luxury living defining their every detail.

Perfectly groomed gardens, carefully chosen fabrics and textiles, swimming pools and private balcony Jacuzzi’s are part of the S&O Villa holiday experience.

No corners have been cut at S&O Villas for they have been created by people that appreciate that what you put into your life is what you receive back.

Today luxury is excluded from one’s life with the reason usually being not affording or not deserving.

Judging by the amount of people that can afford luxury, even the smallest, but don’t probably make the latter option closer to the truth.

What then if luxury was for free? Would more people choose a life that is about pleasure rather than not?

What if luxury was defined as a sensation one feels in one’s body that is associated with pleasure rather than the ownership of a certain thing?

Lying in the sun, breathing fresh air and swimming in crystal clear water is a luxury to most people today and yet it is for free.

Perhaps luxury has become a matter of time?

The time we invest in what we do defines the level of luxury we allow ourselves to enjoy.

Few people might afford a state of the art bathroom or a private waterfall in their garden but do they actually take the time out to enjoy it?

Similarly going to the beach, soaking in the sun and absorbing the sea’s invigorating effects is a matter of priorities even if it is for free.

Silent, phone and wi-fi free environments are fast becoming the new definition of luxury today.

Here are some examples of free luxury living:

  • Taking time out
  • Switching off the phone and other devices
  • Relaxed breathing in of clean air
  • Enjoying the silence
  • Being surrounded by natural beauty
  • Being with people you love and that love you back

When one can consciously achieve any of the above the level of satisfaction is so high that everything else is extra.

S&O Villas have all the extras. They have everything you might desire for a luxury holiday today and more.

The rest, however, is up to you.