S&O VILLAS have a passion for all things beautiful while Corfu is well known throughout history for its prominent and versatile artistic expression.

A combination of this synergy inspired us to look at local artists that are still creating and producing art in Corfu today.

One could argue that the entire Corfiot population has an inclination toward the artistic in some way or form.

If you are looking to acquire art that is representative of Corfu island today, this introductory list is a good place to start.

Theofilos (Filis) Kendarxos

Perhaps the most representative living artist of Corfu and its many wonders, Theofilos Kendarxos has reached international acclaim amongst art collectors. His watercolours invoke the spirit of the landscape in a manner that is set to become a classic work of art that transcends time and space. He overcomes the limitations of being called traditional by a remarkably sensitive use of colour that is vividly sublime.


Nikos Michalopoulos

What others have said about his work: “His talent for designing pieces of jewellery and sculptures of rare beauty and with unique style has been recognised around the world. He draws his inspiration from the sea, the winds, conversation and feeling. His studio is at the back of his shop tucked away in the oldest part of Corfu Town. Go there if you would like to own or give as a present something truly special.”


George Pennas

When one recalls the vivid imagery of Penna’s natural landscapes the words fresh, vibrant and alive spring to mind. He captures the wonders of nature with an emotional palette of joy and celebration that could only arise from a personal appreciation of all that is and a love for life itself. Large canvases and equally large brushstrokes speak of a young and larger than life personality born in Corfu.


Spyros Politis

A sign of a true artist is perhaps the absence of any desire to promote one’s self. Creating, expressing, and invoking imagery purely out of one’s own inner urgency. This is the case of Spyros, who is better known for his cooking at Stamatis Taverna in Vyros. His self taught technique one could say is byzantine, but his anecdotal themes are an amalgamation of a very personal humour and a way of seeing life that is inspiring as well as intriguingly beautiful.


Penelope Volterra

Her paintings, rich in symbolism, border on the sacred as they conjure up images of angels and other sentient beings. Her breezy veiled lines and beautiful transparent colours, one would argue, are a reflection of her own femininity. Hanging on one’s wall, Volterra’s imagery invokes a universal spirituality that heralds peace and beauty as a path to God.

Join us on Corfu Island, Greece for a luxury villa holiday and enjoy beauty on a mythic scale.


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