As difficult as it may be to pull yourself away from S&O VILLA’s perfect garden grounds and private sparkling swimming pool, there will come a point where you might like to visit some place further afield.
Corfu is an incredibly versatile holiday destination in itself but there are many other hot spots worth visiting nearby, particularly if you are staying with us for more than a week.
Some places are a day trip away, while others are worth an overnight stay or two. We’ve chosen to highlight the following destinations because they are particularly beautiful and unique.

Paxos & Antipaxos

These two small islands to the south of Corfu, have become the Mediterranean hot spots for those in the know.
Luxury private yachts moor in these waters all summer long, with a famous face or two making their summer statement in the Paxos harbour called Gaios.
Paxos is a miniature version of Corfu making it possible to stay in your sarong and flip flops all day long.
Antipaxos boasts Caribbean style aquamarine waters and white sandy beaches that have visitors craving for more.

Getting there: Organised day trip from Corfu harbour or private boat hire from Gouvia Marina.

Buthrotum, Albania

Visiting Albania is closer than travelling to mainland Greece and offers the additional excitement of discovering a whole new country.
It is fascinating to witness the rapid growth of a developing country in the heart of Europe. Passport regulations will apply so make sure you take your passport with you.
Buthrotum itself, was an important ancient Greek and later Roman city in the southern Balkan Peninsula. Today it is a fascinating archaeological park and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.
Day tours are led by professional guides that will highlight the areas of cultural significance and natural beauty. It is some 14 kilometres south of Sarandë and close to the Greek border.

Getting there: We advise you go on an organised day trip that leaves from Corfu harbour.

Zagoria, Greece

If you want to get a feel of what mainland Greece is really like at its best, a trip to the Zagorohoria region is a day well spent.
Small stone villages, 48 in total, are sprinkled on either side of a grand canyon creating a fairytale landscape.
Cooler temperatures, lush green slopes and fresh water rivers make Zagoria a tempting summer destination.
Leave plenty of time for a delicious lunch with a different palette to Corfu and a walk for any level of competence, on one of the many trails in the area.

Getting there: It is a ferry boat ride to Igoumenitsa and another hour’s drive from there.