We believe that a good night’s sleep is not only vital to a good holiday but also good for a healthy life. Morpheus the God of sleep was Greek after all.

A great deal of thought has gone into sleeping at S&O Villas and we believe we have chosen the best beds for the job.

The Greek company COCO-MAT is a recognized leader for natural sleep products (mattresses, bed-mattresses, pillows, duvets), bed linen, towels and furniture for homes and hotels.

COCO-MAT is also committed to manufacturing the best beds in the world in the most sustainable way possible. Natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen and even seaweed have been used in their manufacture.

We like the fact that COCO-MAT is Greek, natural, beautiful and simply make the best beds in the world.

When you sleep on a COCO-MAT mattress at any of our S&O Villas you are likely to wake up in the morning, lift up the bed linen and look for the label.

Corfu Island has one of the newest COCO-MAT shops in the world and they would be more than happy to order one for you too.

The original article is available on the COCO-MAT Website.

All S&O Villas have COCO-MAT beds and mattresses for the perfect sleep.