True, it is not always possible to take a holiday when you want it.
It is also true, however, that the best time to be on Corfu Island is during the spring time.
Even more so, if like this year, Greek Orthodox Easter happens to come late.

S&O Villas in Corfu will be offering their signature luxury hospitality during Easter week, which starts Sunday 24th April.
Corfu Island’s Easter celebrations are simply spectacular and should be on anyone’s list of things to do in a lifetime.
Combined with an intoxicating sweet spring aroma that fills the air at the peak of Spring, an Easter in Corfu can leave you feeling positively enraptured.

Music resonates through the narrow streets of the UNESCO World Heritage Town of Corfu throughout the holy week.
Marching brass bands, litanies and processions and the moment everyone is waiting for, comes on the morning of Easter Saturday.
The biggest terracotta pots you’ve ever seen get thrown out of sky high windows!
Choose the best spot in town and simply sit back and watch the show. When all the excitement is over, you can retreat to the refined luxury of S&O Villas, that are just a short drive out of town.
Spring in Corfu also means that the energy is young, fresh and rested. People are eager to please and everyone is looking forward to the season ahead.

At S&O Villas you may enjoy the benefits of a warm Jacuzzi and sparkling pool, while you marvel at the beauty of springtime in perfectly cared for gardens.

When it comes to the Easter Sunday feast, why not tell us what you want and leave the rest to us?