Once you visit Corfu Island for the first time it is easy to understand why it has one of the highest return holiday rates in Europe.

It is not easy to put into words what one feels when one is on this “beautiful spec of an island in the Ionian Sea” as Lawrence Durrell famously put it.

Most often than not visitors feel a sense of ‘coming home’, a familiar and long awaited for sensation you weren’t even aware you had before feeling it again in Corfu.

The island’s natural beauty is simply mesmerising. An almost magnetic attraction is created by the emerald greens and sapphire blues set against the setting sun on the Mediterranean horizon.

There is a lifetime of golden beaches to choose from, small coves and private islets to moor your boat on.

Corfu offers much more than what one expects from a relaxing holiday in the sun. It offers art, culture and a rich cosmopolitan history.

Corfu Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage location of historical and cultural importance and is currently nominated as European Cultural Capital for 2021.

We love walking through the narrow streets of Corfu Town in the evening, feeling much like being in a little Venice if it weren’t for the absence of gondolas.

Kings were born here, foreign Empresses found solace and famous actors a hidden retreat. Corfu is second home to many international diplomats and business entreupraners that are looking for easy access to European capitals whilst enjoying a comfortable ambience and a standard of living they are familiar with.

Many have written about Corfu, some have spent a fortune trying to capture but a fraction of it, whilst others have discovered the perfect luxury holiday accommodation from which to simply make the most of it.

We say no more and ask that you come see for yourself. Book your luxury holiday in Corfu at S&O Villas here and you will fall in love too.