There is nothing more precious than quality time with the ones you love.

A holiday in the sun is a time when all the family can come together.

S&O VILLAS in Corfu wish to make your every moment together special in every way.

We have made for great outdoor BBQ family dinners.

Cosy and cuddly poolside gazebos for quality time spent together.

The swimming pool and Jacuzzi you simply won’t be able to get enough of, and the family photo album will be absolutely full of precious lifetime memories.

S&O Villa gardens are impeccably cared for with space for everyone to sing and dance.

There is plenty of space on the inside too, with room for everyone to spend silent ‘me’ time when necessary.

Comfortable sofas and seating areas create the space for you to simply lay back and be absorbed by those around you or a game of cards at any time.

There is plenty of electronic entertainment to be had too, with smart TVs, high quality sound systems and wi-fi all around.

S&O Villas offer many optional services, so that your holiday time together can be completely stress free.

We can arrange for someone to cook for you, shop for you or come and help with taking care of the children.

If you find that you do want to leave your villa, there is plenty of things to do with the entire family.

In fact, Corfu is an ideal family holiday destination.

The beaches are clean, safe and easily accessible.

All restaurants accept children and in fact Greeks will go out of their way for little ones.

The largest water park in Europe is in Corfu too, on the way to the Corfu Golf course.

You might like to try sailing, snorkelling or even horse riding for the first time.

Greek hospitality is famous and so is their love of family.

If  you are thinking of coming together for a family holiday, we wouldn’t hesitate a moment.

In fact, we would be honoured if you chose your precious family moments to be spent with us.

S&O Villas offer precious family moments in Corfu.